Fall 2019

Midnight Kitchen is hiring a part time staff member!

deadline to apply is september 15 at 11:59pm. the position starts on september 23.

Scroll down for job description.

About us and our hiring practices:

Midnight Kitchen is a collective of staff and volunteers dedicated to serving good food to as many people as possible. We aim to provide a working alternative to capitalist methods of food collection and distribution and to provide popular education about issues of food and social (in)justice. We recognize that many of the problems with food production and distribution are reflective of and connected to larger systems of oppression. By reclaiming control over the distribution of food in our communities we are acting in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and will support others who share these goals.

Midnight Kitchen organizes collectively, non-hierarchically, and using consensus decision-making. All applicants should be prepared to work collaboratively and make decisions in an English-speaking group setting.

The individual hired must be willing to cook, clean, and do occasional heavy lifting, but accommodations can be made for applicants / staff members if needed, especially in the case of physical disability. The individual will also be required to participate in weekly meetings and other group work (such as writing and organizing workshops, trainings, and policies), as well as responding to emails and coordinating volunteers both online and in-person.

Midnight Kitchen can be a fast-paced environment that often requires multi-tasking. Occasional evening and weekend work will be required. New staff will have a week of training at the beginning of the contract, but please note that the job will be demanding right from the start.

Midnight Kitchen usually operates out of the SSMU building at McGill (3480 Rue McTavish), however the building is currently under construction. The projected construction end date is January 2020, but there have been numerous delays. While construction is taking place we are working out of our office at 3471 rue Peel, and kitchen at 137 rue Saint Ferdinand (Saint Henri). Neither of these temporary locations are fully wheelchair accessible. Please contact us with any questions.


MK General Staff Member [$17.35/hr, 16 hours/week October-May, with renewal and possibility for renegotiation starting in May]

All collective members (staff included) decide the vision of the organization and how to put this mission into practice at weekly collective meetings. Staff members (as well as collective members) will be required to divide tasks amongst themselves at these meetings and throughout the year. Tasks generally fall under portfolios that rotate among staff every four months. These portfolios include coordination of finance, administration, and volunteer coordination, as well as food bank coordination, garden coordination (during the summer months), and meal pick-up coordination. All tasks that fall outside of these portfolios are negotiated at collective meetings.

Weekly recurring tasks include but are not limited to: maintaining a clean, vegan, and nut-free kitchen that meets hygiene standards at all times, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, coordinating solidarity servings during the year, coordinating food purchasing, and coordinating educational opportunities such as workshops and skillshares.

During the summer, the new staff will be helping with our food bank, weekly solidarity servings, and garden.


- Experience cooking in and cleaning a commercial kitchen
- Ability to multitask in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment
- Previous or current involvement in grassroots organizing
- Self-motivated and self-directed
- Ability to work closely with others
- Strong organizational and self-management skills
- Ability / willingness to actively cultivate an anti-oppressive workplace
- Ability / willingness to learn and apply new skills
- Punctual, responsible, and dependable


- McGill student
- Experience with / aptitude for vegan or vegetarian cooking
- Experience with / aptitude for garden care
- Experience with consensus-based decision making processes
- Experience navigating university bureaucracy
- Involvement in community organizations around Montreal
- Experience coordinating events and/or workshops
- Experience coordinating volunteers
- Facilitation and conflict resolution skills
- Good time management
- Written and/or verbal French skills
- Holds a valid driver’s license
- An understanding of food insecurity and food-related political issues


Please send your CV with 2 references and cover letter (max. 1 page) to Midnight Kitchen by email at midnightkitchenhiring@gmail.com with the subject “Fall 2019 General Staff Member Application”

We conduct hiring on the basis of employment equity. Employment equity is designed to compensate for the nonexistence of a level playing field with regards to people’s experiences and job qualifications, given the structural injustices that affect marginalized groups. We particularly encourage BIPOC (Black people, Indigenous peoples, and People of Color) to apply. The interview and selection committees will include BIPOC currently involved with the organization.

Midnight Kitchen encourages applicants to describe in their cover letter the unique contributions they, as individuals with diverse experiences, would bring to the organization. We do not value or prioritize paid work experience over personal and life experience. Therefore, we welcome candidates to include all relevant skills and knowledge in their application, regardless of whether these abilities were developed through paid work, volunteer work or personal experience.

If you wish to be considered for employment equity, include the following sentence in your cover letter: “I would like to be considered for employment equity.” Please note that we do not require applicants to specify the basis on which they are applying for employment equity; you do not need to disclose your reasons.

*The deadline to submit applications is Sunday September 15, 11:59pm.
*Interviews will occur during the evening on Wednesday September 18 and Thursday September 19, and during the day on Friday September 20.
*The position’s start date is Monday September 23, with training from September 23 to October 4.
*PLEASE NOTE that only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.