Joining the Collective

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The Midnight Kitchen Collective...

is a non-hierachical body composed of staff and volunteers that discusses and decides on everything from day-to-day logistics to longer-term plans and visions. Volunteer collective members attend weekly collective meetings, help out in the kitchen and sit on a committee. We equally value the diverse ideas, skills and experiences of old as well as new members and are always looking for more people to sit on the collective. You’ll be able to gain skills around consensus decision-making, learn about radical politics, and take part in visioning the future direction of Midnight Kitchen! Although the biggest time commitment, it is the most rewarding and a great way to launch projects that fit within MK’s mandate. We usually require that people first volunteer 10 hours with us before joining the collective.

Please contact us at with questions or to set up a meeting with our volutneer coordinator, if you’re intested in joining!