Midnight Kitchen Discretionary Fund Guidelines 2019


Please note:

  • As of August 2019 we will only be deciding on discretionary funding applications once per month. If granted, cheques can take up to 2 weeks to be mailed.

  • As of June 2019 cheques can only be made out to organizations, and not individuals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to apply but are not associated with an organization that can receive cheques, email us at midnightkitchencollective@gmail.com.

Midnight Kitchen supports and co-sponsors community events and initiatives through our discretionary fund. The amount of money allocated for projects may depend on how many requests there are in a particular discretionary period and doesn’t reflect the value the collective places on the project.

Funding Criteria

  1. Reflect Midnight Kitchen’s mandate.

  2. Must have a local component.

  3. For events, event venue must be wheelchair accessible.

The Midnight Kitchen prioritizes funding projects that:

  1. Promote Midnight Kitchen’s mandate.

  2. Support local actions, projects or movements, or local connections to global movements.

  3. Organize around issues of social justice and food justice, particularly on issues that are under represented at McGill University

  4. Will actively create campus-community links and will engage with McGill University undergraduate students.

  5. Are engaged in solidarity organizing that takes leadership and direction from communities with which they work and/or are organized by people who are directly affected or implicated in the group’s mandate.

  6. Need access to Midnight Kitchen’s resources and funding, and might otherwise have difficulty finding support.

Important Notice for Applicants:

Please ensure that you explain clearly in your application the importance of your project and it’s relevance to undergraduate students at McGill University. The reason for this is that SSMU has the final say on all Discretionary Funding Application, and they can reject your application if a project/event is not considered relevant to McGill undergraduates.


Each year, Midnight Kitchen creates a discretionary fund budget line. In 2017, we will be allocating a total of $500 per month to the projects we choose to fund. The maximum amount we can allocate to a single project is $250.

Non-Monetary Aid/Resource Support

In addition to monetary support, Midnight Kitchen can offer Kitchen Bookings as well as our kitchen equipment. We also provide food to political and community-based events that are in keeping with our mandate in the form of Solidarity Servings.

Selection Process

The decision-making body is the Midnight Kitchen collective — a body made up of volunteers and staff. The discretionary fund form must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the time that you will need the funding. Retroactive funding for projects is accepted.


All funding will be disbursed by cheque within a month of the decision