While the ssmu building is closed for renovations we are not able to do daily servings.

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Update regarding the SSMU building renovations

August 17, 2018

please read thoroughly before contacting us with questions

As you may or may not have heard by now, the most recent construction timeline suggests the SSMU building will be closed for the duration of the 2018-2019 school year. While we have been cooking out of a kitchen in St. Henri since March in order to continue a portion of our operations, this obviously limits our ability to do our daily servings.

Here's what we're focusing our energy on lately, in order to continue serving you:


It tripled in size this summer, and requires a ton of care (in order to produce a ton of veggies!). Volunteers are welcome to participate in harvesting, while the bulk of harvest is redistributed at our food bank or used in our solidarity servings. With proper love and care, it will continue producing food for us well into the fall semester. Due to the building closure, we will also be able to start our next summer season on time, rather than late (in June) like we normally do. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about urban farming, and grow with us as we do so ourselves, reach out!



Out of our kitchen in St. Henri we are still able to do our solidarity servings, aka catering events which would be made more accessible by the presence of food, which align with our political mandate, and which don't have a budget for catering. In the past we've also worked with Black Students' Network of McGill, Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students' Society (SACOMSS), Rad Frosh, Project 10, and many others. We can and will continue to do so! Fill out the form on our website to apply!



We have money set aside for folks looking to start or continue an event, project, or movement which aligns with our political mandate. Information about applying can be found on our website. We also have money explicitly set aside to ensure your events can be made accessible. This money is there waiting for you, if you would benefit from it please apply on our website.



So, while we have a kitchen, there literally isn't a building on campus we have access to which can house our 200 person line every day for lunch. We've been piloting a program, currently with the OSD, to provide meals to more specific, vulnerable student populations in a way that sort of resembles our daily servings, but serves a more manageable amount of people. We are currently working on ways to potentially expand that program to include other student groups (namely, student parents and students on financial aid). This is all still in the works, but you all will be updated accordingly as we progress.



We will continue to host workshops and lectures on topics ranging from food preparation to food apartheid, and everything in between. They will, as with all events formerly run out of University Centre, be a little scattered around campus, but they will remain: FREE, ACCESSIBLE, and CATERED. We're hoping to still throw some parties, too 😉 and we're always open to collabs, so keep us in mind if you're looking for logistical support in making your dream event a reality!

This was a super long post so I'm stoked you stuck with us till the end! Please share this so folks know what's up with us and don't send us questions that have been answered here already 🙃🙃🙃

We're as bummed about the closure as anyone, but the forced flexibility has kept us on our toes and will likely lead to a new, revitalized perspective once we are back. We love all of you and we promise your $3.35 will still be spent wisely, even if our presence on campus is less overt.

With love & solidarity,
The Midnight Kitchen Collective