Volunteering in the Kitchen

Please note that during the closure of the SSMU building we are unable to do daily servings. We are currently cooking out of a temporary kitchen in Saint Henri, and unfortunately we cannot welcome volunteers there.

If you’d like to receive updates about other volunteer opportunities with MK, shoot us an email and ask to be on our volunteer email listserv!


For more info about our current activities, read our update here.

During the school year, our main project is serving vegan nut-free lunches to roughly 200 hungry people. We rely on our many kitchen volunteers to make these servings happen!

In addition to the satisfaction of helping us out, you also get to eat the lunch, of course!

Drop-in volunteers are very welcome, just stop by the kitchen and ask the coordinator if we need volunteers. If you intend on dropping by, read our volunteer manual in advance to get a head start!

DAILY SERVINGS (Monday to Thursday in room 304 of the SSMU Building)

Cooking Shift (9:30 am-10:30 am/10:30 am-11:30 am)

Involves chopping, washing, frying, boiling, stirring, peeling, and baking, as well as  doing some cleaning. The day’s menu will be dependent on what’s available from the week’s donation. The morning’s coordinator will set the menu, but are open to suggestions from volunteers! If you don’t have experience with vegan cooking, don’t worry, all levels of experience are welcome. Just ask the cooking coordinator for guidance and help. If you help us cook for at least an hour but have to run to class, we can save plate of food to come back for later!


Serving Shift (12:15 pm- 1:15 pm)

Involves setting up the serving space, carrying the food, getting the dishwashing station ready, writing the day’s menu, setting up the donation jar, and making serving announcements. When serving the meal, try to make the portions go a long way so there will be enough for everyone. People can come back for seconds after 1 pm, but we prioritize firsts. At the end of the serving, bring back the pots etc. and refrigerate any leftovers. If you have any questions about portions etc, the serving coordinator will also be there.


Cleaning Shift (12:45 pm – 3:00 pm)

Involves cleaning pots, pans, ovens, range-top surfaces, counters, sinks and sweeping as well as mopping the floor. If you get satisfaction out of seeing things in order this is the shift for you. It is also one of our most important and undervalued tasks, as a clean kitchen is so necessary in keeping the health and safety of our kitchen. As such, our cleaners are the most cherished members of MK! If you sign up for a regular shift, we’ll always be sure to save you a plate of food.


Signing up for a shift

To sign up for a shift in the volunteer schedule, you must come into the kitchen and write your name (please leave space for others) in dry eraser marker in the preferred time slot of the volunteer schedule.

Be mindful, if you do not (plan to) show up for a while (like, 1 month), come erase your name (or ask another volunteer or contact us to do so). Names will all be erased at the end of each semester.